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Empowering Innovation through Decentralization


Proof of Work Consensus

Etherchain employs a robust Proof of Work consensus mechanism for secure transaction validation.


Ethash Mining Algorithm

Etherchain utilizes the Ethash algorithm, fostering a decentralized mining landscape.


Smart Contracts Support

Etherchain enables the creation and execution of powerful smart contracts.


Efficient Transaction Validation

Transactions are efficiently validated by miners within Etherchain's network.


Decentralized Applications (DApps)

Etherchain facilitates the development of decentralized applications with real-world use cases.


Interoperability and Compatibility

Etherchain's infrastructure promotes seamless interaction and asset transfer across Ethereum-compatible networks.

Ethereum Reimagined

Unleashing a New Era: Reigniting the PoW Ethereum Legacy.

Embrace the Authenticity: Etherchain, a dedicated PoW blockchain, revives Ethereum's original essence. We're committed to the security, decentralization, and legacy that Proof of Work brings. Join us as we uphold the core values that ignited the blockchain revolution.

  • imgNo Premine, No Presale – Pure Beginnings
  • img10-Second Blocks for Swift Transactions
  • img7 Coins as Reward for Each Mined Block
  • imgElegantly Crafted Blockchain Architecture
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Build Unstoppable Applications


Empowerment Through Decentralization

Empowerment Flourishes as Decentralization Takes Center Stage.


Craft Autonomy with Smart Contracts

Craft Unparalleled Autonomy with the Precision of Smart Contracts.


Seize the Future of Possibilities

Grasp and Shape the Promising Landscape of Future Possibilities.


Path to Innovation and Growth

Foundation Building

Phase 1 (Q3-Q4 2023)

▪️ Research and Development.
▪️ Testing and Optimization.
▪️ Launch of Etherchain Mainnet.
▪️ Release of Block Explorer.

Innovation Unveiled

Phase 2 (2024)

▪️ Enhancements & Optimization.
▪️ Introduction to Staking.
▪️ Cross-Chain Interoperability
▪️ Exchange Listings.

Expanding Ecosystem

Phase 3

▪️ Community Events.
▪️ Expansion of DApp Ecosystem.
▪️ Forging Strategic Partnerships
▪️ Rollout of DeFi Platforms.

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